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TOWNSITE™ delivers powerful and effective online local promotion using a unique content blend carried to a receptive, targeted audience. Entirely commercially based, TOWNSITE™’s measured and quantified marketing mix is set to breath new ‘e-life’ in to the UK’s small to medium sized towns, providing a fresh internet domicile to threatened high streets and locally based businesses.

Originally conceived as a community resource featuring local news and events as well as tourist information, TOWNSITE™'s guiding philosophy is to shine a spotlight and celebrate everything local.Consumers and traders alike are resentful at the dominance of big business and have grown weary of the march of commerce away from our intimate, friendly towns to the more urbanised areas and crowded out of town shopping centres with their banal offering of chain stores and franchise restaurants.

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One reason for this outward trend is that people are simply not aware of what is on their doorstep. Without the marketing budgets of big business, independent retailers often languish in a vacuum and stand helplessly by as footfall goes into freefall and the growth of online shopping drains our local high streets of vitality.

TOWNSITE™ seeks to redress this lamentable swing and support independent shops and businesses by harnessing the power of the internet to reinvigorate our communities and drive site users to the fantastic array of products and services closer to home.

Townsite - Effective local marketing

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