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First launched in Hungerford in 2014, TOWNSITE™ addressed a growing call for local high street sustainability by promoting locally supplied products and services which could restore our intimate, friendly towns to rude good health.

Part bulletin board, part newspaper and virtual High Street, local businesses quickly latched on to its potential as a means of promotion and these early adopters have become loyal supporters of the site, enjoying the commercial benefits of such cost-effective promotional platform. And it wasn't just businesses that prospered. As part of our drive to create a truly inclusive community resource, TOWNSITE™ offers free promotion to local charities and NFP organisations so that they can get the word out about their fundraising campaigns and events.

We support local organisations not by running banner adverts or scraping local data electronically, but by creating standout commercial features and publicising local events which add real meaning to consumers and leverage traffic to the site. Used in conjunction with SEO and focused social media networking the numbers really start to climb. One example would be our series of highly successful features about Hungerford in the run up to Christmas 2015 attracting 15,000 visitors - a good return for a town with a population of only 5000.

Unlike the actual High Street with its variable footfall, there is an unrivalled stream of traffic to the virtual High Street where browsers can browse 24/7. Crucially, TOWNSITE™ has what's known as 'stickiness' - people returning to the site again and again giving businesses a unique opportunity to bring people to their shops and services via our virtual high street. Among those to benefit have been hotels, restaurants, retailers, food producers and in the case of Hungerford, its specialty antique and vintage stores.

This section of the website is designed to show how your businesses can harness the power of the internet through TOWNSITE™'s promotional platforms

This guide with links to further content is designed to help local buinesses embrace the power of the internet via the various conduits for promotion within the Hungerford Townsite.

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