EVENTS – Sponsorship and association

It's all about maximising your advantages, so TOWNSITE™ uses local events and what's on to leverage promotion and drive users from our news content to your microsites and other commercial features. Businesses are able to seamlessly piggy-back an event and put themselves in front of some very heavy website traffic.

Festivals are great hook to the wider business community as part of a broader lifestyle inclusion. The Hungerford Food Festival in October for example, is a one day event featuring local producers which will attract around 1200 visitors to the town. But TOWNSITE™ will be promoting and featuring the festival for four weeks before and four weeks after the event, creating a peak in traffic of up to 20,000 visitors who are exposed not just to the food producers but by other businesses with a stake in community living -flower growers, restaurants selling locally sourced food and even bands and charitable organisations in the Hungerford area. To see an example of how local food producers' content was associated with the Food Festival 2014 please follow this link.

Take another example: In March 2015 Hungerford TOWNSITE™ was involved in promoting the Hungerford Ale and Music Festival including a social media marketing campaign – traffic during the period rose by 100%.

Key events include:

  • Hungerford Food Festival
  • Literary Festival
  • Christmas lights
  • Victorian Extravaganza and Christmas Market
  • Hungerford and District Community Arts Festival – HADCAF
  • Hocktide
  • HAM Fest

Events promotion and on-line ticket sales