Terms and Conditions of Sale

Item Name: webservice
Item Type: Option 1
Price: 1000

TOWNSITE™ Terms and Conditions for Inclusion of Businesses, Annual Content Plans

  1. Description and definitions
    1. Thank you for your request to be included on your Local TOWNSITE(S)™.  Following our sales discussions, you will receive an Order Confirmation from i3web Limited confirming our agreement and describing the Content Plan you or your company will have on the Local TOWNSITE(S)™ it specifies.  The Order Confirmation will describe exactly which services we will provide you with and it will also confirm the payments you have agreed to.  
    2. By ‘Local TOWNSITE(S)™’ we mean the website(s), owned and managed by i3web Limited, which you will have been shown during our sales discussion. By ‘Content Plan’ we mean the Microsite together with any written or visual content which will be used to promote yourself or your business on your Local TOWNSITE(S)™ and any further services such as Social Networking campaigns.  By Microsite we mean a small website which we create for you and which will be published on the Local TOWNSITE(S)™ under a suitable category and accessible to all users of the Local TOWNSITE(S)™.  You will have been shown examples of Microsites during our sales discussions.
  2. Term
    1. i3web Limited is agreeing to include and promote your business in the manner described in your Order Confirmation for an initial 12-month period and in return you are agreeing to pay the required fees which are also specified in your Order Confirmation and cover the same initial 12-month period.  We will refer to this initial 12-month period as the ‘Initial Term’ and we will refer to any period beyond this as the ‘Subsequent Term’.  We will refer to our fees as the ‘Subscription Cost’.  We will refer to the first day of the Initial Term as the ‘Publishing Date’.
    2. Normally the Publishing Date will be the first day of the month following your Order Confirmation, however where the Publishing Date occurs sooner or later we will add the time difference between the Publishing Date and the first day of the following month to the Initial Term and we will charge you accordingly.  For example, if the Publishing Date is the 10thAugust we will add 21 days (11th to 31st August) to the Initial Term and you will be charged the Subscription Cost divided by 365 days multiplied by 21.  The Initial Term in this example will begin on 1st
    3. Your microsite will remain published on the Local TOWNSITE(s)™ specified in your Order Confirmation for the Initial Term and subsequent term following renewal.  All further content will remain published for the duration specified in your Oder Confirmation and in the product description in our schedule of content on http://townsite.i3web.co.uk.
  3. Payment terms
    1. The full Subscription Cost for the Initial Term will be included in your Order Confirmation and it is important to understand that you have committed to pay this amount. Your Order Confirmation will also specify whether you have elected to pay the Subscription Cost annually in advance or monthly in advance.
    2. Your first invoice will be raised and sent to you on or shortly after the Publishing Date.
    3. If you have elected to pay the Subscription Cost annually in advance your first invoice will be for the full amount specified in your Order Confirmation less any discounts agreed.
    4. If you have elected to pay the Subscription Cost monthly in advance your first invoice will be for 3 monthly payments being months 1, 11 and 12. You will then receive further invoices on the first day of months 2 to 10.  The monthly invoiced amount will of course be 1/12thof the full Subscription Cost as specified in your Order Confirmation.
    5. Annual Invoices must be settled within 7 days of the invoice date, we will refer to this as the Due Date.  
    6. Monthly invoices are payable either by direct debit or repeat credit/debit card transaction. Payment must be received by i3web Limited on the first day of each month during the Initial Term and any Subsequent Term (see point 15 below).   We will also refer to this as the Due Date
    7. Any payment terms other than those in points 8 and 9 above must be negotiated directly with i3web Limited and may be subject to additional charges.  Where i3web Limited are able to offer you alternative payment terms these will be specified in you Order Confirmation.
  4. Non-payment If payment is not received on the Due Date a reminder for payment will be sent to you no sooner than 7 days after the due date.  There will be no charge for the first reminder however should it be necessary to send further reminders the following charges and time schedule will apply, using the Due Date as Day 1:  
    1. Day 21 Second Reminder charged at £5
    2. Day 30 Third Reminder charged at £30
    3. Day 60 Final Reminder charged at £30
    4. Day 90 Content is unpublished and the outstanding balance including charges is referred to debt recovery.  Note that if you had elected to pay monthly the full outstanding Subscription Cost will become due at this point.  Debt recovery will incur additional reasonable costs and potentially court fees
  5. Renewal or cancellation
    1. During month 11 of the Initial Term we will write to inform you that your contract is about to be renewed.  Where your Order Confirmation included additional Content and/or services we will request any changes that you might require.  We will also inform you of any price increase to be applied in the Subsequent Term.  In the absence of a response we will contact you again In month 12.  Unless we hear from you to the contrary, at the end of month 12 of the Initial Term your contract will be renewed with i3web Limited on the same basis as the Initial Term save for the following changes:
      1. If you have elected to pay the Subscription Cost monthly in advance you will be able to cancel your subscription giving 2 months’ notice in writing.  Although no cancelation fee will be charged, if, at the time of the cancellation, the cost of any additional content published and/or services provided, included in or additional to your Content Plan, is not covered by the monthly payments received, including the notice period, you will be required to pay the excess. Note that:
      2. The notice period will start on the first day of the month following receipt of your cancellation notice in writing.  
      3. Should any excess be due under point 5.a.(i) above this will be added to the invoice received at the start of the second month of the notice period.
      4. If any payments are not received either during or after the notice period the same schedule will apply as in point 13 above.
    2. Following cancellation it will be at the discretion of i3web Limited as to what content remains published or unpublished.